Haitian Wedding Traditions

Haiti is a country rich in history, ethnic traditions, and diverse demographics. These elements incorporate to create a unforgettable experience that may be uniquely Haitian.

Weddings in Haiti really are a celebration of community and why do people online date culture. Contrary to in the United States, https://mylatinabride.com/haitian-women/ where formal invitations usually are sent out to guests, couples in Haiti generally invite their very own friends and family through word of mouth. This allows them to connect to their https://www.makehappymemories.com/wedding-traditions/ loved ones could the ceremony and will save them in the cost of mailing out expensive invites.


Classic Dress:

The attire for a Haitian wedding is often formal and traditional, while using the bride and bridegroom wearing white-colored gowns and colorful headpieces. It is additionally customary for family customers to wear formal attire as well.

Three-Hour Church Wedding party:

A Haitian wedding ceremony can last up to three hours, depending on church and the availablility of family members and guests. The wedding can feature activities from chapel finirs and a complete sermon from pastor or priest officiation the wedding.

After the marriage, the couple and the guests visit a reception in their residence or a nearby house. Food is often prepared by family members and close friends. This can consist of rice and beans, salads, plantains, pikliz, and meat meals such as griot, goat, conch and roasted chicken.


A popular beverage at Haitian weddings is normally cremas, the industry cream soda that can be associated with sweet pastry. It is dished up in spectacles and can be manufactured in different colors to suit the occasion.

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